The mission of the American Society for Lymphatic Surgery (ASLS) is to advance the science, treatment and prevention of lymphedema, to ensure the safe and responsible practice of lymphatic surgery, to educate the public and health care providers about lymphedema and its treatment, and to advocate on behalf of those who suffer from lymphedema.  

Lymphatic surgery has increasingly become a viable option for patients who suffer from lymphedema.  Advances in surgical technique, lymphatic imaging technology, and basic science research have provided surgeons with more sophisticated means of effectively treating lymphedema in patients who otherwise felt there was no hope in reversing their condition.  There have been successful outcomes reported using a variety of techniques including vascularized lymph node transfer, lymphovenous bypass, lymphaticovenular bypass, and liposuction.  Questions remain regarding diagnostic criteria, indications, safety, and outcome measures.   The ASLS was established to address these issues by providing an open forum for surgeons, researchers, and medical professionals to collaborate and advance this rapidly growing field.  


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